Without having to think about it I CAN TALK ABOUT IT with confidence! This young lady has been my personal photographer for several years now. The reason for this is because of her business ethics! She is always on time (before time MOST OF THE TIME) and ALWAYS PREPARED to make you feel comfortable and your photoshoot epic! She’s honest in the fact that she tells you what she feels from her own experiences, what is gonna look good or not look so good! She reads body language and facial expressions very well! She knows when a smile is legit / sincere or not. She keeps it real so you have lots of amazing pictures! She has always under promised and OVER DELIVERED! When I needed light, she made it happen! When it rained, she knew where to go and what to do. She has an eye for prompts so creativity comes with the package always inside of her! She’s always prepared! Professionalism is her aim! As a result of her work, I have an amazing book cover, “I Was Blessed With Angels” as well as a great presentation booklet “Health and Wealth Seminar”. Her work is displayed all over my social media, stores etc… because I am so proud of it! I have gotten thousands of responses and comments because of Philana’s work. She is excellent 360 degrees! The girl plays FULL OUT WHEN SHE’S doing what she does! She has done photo shoots for my daughter as well. Having a great photographer is a great asset. I don’t need to look any further. I have the absolute best photographer in my world! I would recommend this young lady to anyone who is looking for all of the above and 1000% more!

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